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10,000,000 Viguerie Superfile 10,000,000 2020 Stand With Trump Catholic Donors 45,630 21st Century Conservative Donors 425,889 60 Plus Association 143,433 60 Plus Association Sweepstakes Donors 37,488 American Civil Rights Union 5,090 American Energy Alliance (AEA) 16,059 American Patriots to Stop Radical Islam 233,619 Americans For Christian Values in Government 36,445 Americans For Constitutional Liberty Sweepstakes 15,246 Americans for Term Limits 67,215 Americans to Stop Radical Islam 25,811 Americans United For Life – AMLC 17,929 Ann Children’s Fund Sweepstakes Donors 33,479 Black Tie Conservatives 44,943 Catholic Vote 32,021 Center for Security Policy Donors 10,025 Christian Seniors Association 247,306 Christians Protecting Religious Freedom 201,421 Citizens Against Illegal Immigration 237,380 Citizens Behind the Badge 120,571 Citizens Behind the Badge Sweepstakes 59,019 Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes – ATA 35,788 Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes 63,976 Committee for Justice 9,017 Committees Defending America 18,661 CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM 18,019 120,000 Conservatives Against Critical Race Theory 25,974 Donors That Supported President Trump And His Conservative Agenda 147,796 Faith and Freedom Coalition 250,393 FedUP PAC 100,000 Fidelis Center for Law and Policy 11,428 Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness Donors 13,079 Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness Sweepstakes Donors 44,129 High Dollar Republican Campaign Donors 150,039 Hotline GOP Campaign Donors 100,000 Ken Cuccinelli for Governor Donors 14,235 Law Enforcement Action Network 69,624 Liberty Guard 69,232 Moms for America 29,804 Moms for America Sweepstakes Donors 22,486 Paws of Honor Donors 121,070 Paws Of Honor Sweepstakes Donors 58,841 Priests for Life 17,435 Response Action Network 135,000 Right Wing Conservative Multi Donors 22,114 Save American Sovereignty Donors 237,380 Secure Freedom 36,037 Seniors Alliance Donors 26,374 Seniors Protecting America’s Values 207,245 Seniors United to Protect Social Security 274,728 Seniors who Support Patriotic Causes 525,389 Students for Life 40,912 Tax and Economic Freedom Donors 14,280 The Conservative Caucus 139,547 Trump Lovers Viguerie Superfile 717,067 United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association 233,934 United States Deputy Sheriff’s Sweepstakes Donors 74,033 Veterans in Defense of Liberty 18,415 Veterans In Defense of Liberty Sweepstakes Donors 10,003 Viguerie Best (Charitable) 533,243 Viguerie Best (Political) 408,747 Viguerie Best Consumers 214,350 Viguerie Best Sweepstakes Donors 119,538 Viguerie Catholic Superfile 1,420,209 Viguerie Evangelical Christian Donors 203,443 Viguerie Evangelical Superfile 1,391,716 Viguerie Fundraising Superfile 1,077,293 Viguerie Hotline Conservative Multis 196,837 Viguerie Powerhouse Conservative and GOP Donors 762,332 Viguerie Pro-Life Superfile 687,151 Viguerie Superfile Conservative Senior Mail Order Buyers 319,158 Viguerie Superfile Conservative Senior Subscriber Donors 305,264 Viguerie Superfile Donors and Collectors 66,725 Viguerie Superfile Senior Donors Who Invest 274,932 Viguerie Unbeatable Donors Masterfile 300,000 Viguerie’s Statewide Campaign Donor Superfile 3,872,665