21st Century Conservative Donors

286,652$5+, 0-12 Month Donors$135/M
347,797$5+, 0-18 Month Donors$125/M
425,889$5+, 0-24 Month Donors$115/M
Consumer & Charitable Rates
286,652$5+ 0-12 Month Donors$85/M
347,797$5+ 0-18 Month Donors$80/M
425,889$5+ 0-24 Month Donors$75/M



Simply one of the most effective conservative lists on the market today. Every single name has demonstrated their support for some of the nation’s leading conservative organizations through their direct mail response and 95% have responded time and time again. This list works well for both conservative organizations and federal, state and local Republican candidates and PACs.

You can’t afford to overlook this list of responsive conservative donors – it’s a must test for any conservative advocacy mailer or conservative/Republican candidate. HOT! HOT! HOT! Make sure you get your mail dates approved by ordering TODAY!

Source 100% Direct Mail Donors
Sample Mailing piece required for approval
Date February 2024
Minimum 5,000
Net Name PolicyComputer Verification Required
25,000-99,00080% Min. +$10/M R/C
100,000-299,99965% Min. +$10/M R/C
300,000+50% Min. +$10/M R/C

Cancellation charges: $50.00 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges and email Fee.

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For details on how to order, use the form below or call Robert Bell at (571) 292-5806.