2020 Stand With Trump Catholic Donors

45,630$5+ 0-24 Month Donors$125/M
43,371$10+ 0-24 Month Donors$130/M

100% Direct Mail Donors

These are direct mail donors who contributed to 2020 mailings by Catholic organizations supporting President Trump and his conservative agenda.

This list is developed almost entirely from active direct mail donor lists. These donors supported mailings mobilizing Catholic voters for President Trump in the 2020 election and support pro-life, pro-family and traditional Catholic values.

Source 100% Direct Mail Generated
Sample Mailing piece required for approval
Date January 2024
Minimum 5,000
Net Name PolicyComputer Verification Required
225,000–99,99980% Min. + $10/M R/C
100,000-299,99965% Min. + $10/M R/C
300,00050% Min. + $10/M R/C

Cancellation charges: $50 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges, plus Shipping/Email Fee

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