About Us

In 1965, Richard Viguerie launched his legendary career as the pioneer of political direct mail fundraising. He has since helped raise over $7 billion for conservative and charitable causes, earning him the nickname “the funding father of the conservative movement.”

What is Viguerie’s secret weapon?

The mailing lists he started building over 55 years ago is still America’s largest source of active, responsive, conservative and Republican donors on the market today. (View available lists now!)

Viguerie’s “secret weapon” is available to boost the success of local or nationwide election campaigns, state-based or national political parties, brand new or long-established charities, small or large ministries, think tanks, policy groups, advocacy organizations and educational institutions.

You can tap into AMLC’s managed multi-million donor database of Americans who are passionate about lowering taxes, shrinking government, restoring the Constitution, securing our borders, defending traditional marriage and Christian values, supporting our troops, law enforcement, caring for veterans and retired service dogs.

And as a list industry leader, AMLC’s files are updated weekly, many of them are updated daily and offer multi-donor selects, hotline names and much more.

Our expert team of list managers and brokers will find the best names available for your organization, whether from the millions of donors on our own in house lists or from the hundreds of other highly responsive lists on the market we research and recommend to our clients.

Now is the time to let us create a customized list plan that will help boost your success and grow your organization rapidly!