Citizens Against Illegal Immigration

237,380$25+ 0-24 Month Donors$125/M
3,456$50+ 0-36 Month Donors$115/M

These active and generous donors actively oppose Illegal Immigration and any government programs granting taxpayer-supported benefits to illegal immigrants. They support greater Border Security and American Sovereignty.

These donors contribute and take action that sends a clear message to America’s elected officials and to millions of grassroots Americans that the majority of citizens demand an end to Illegal Immigration and refuse to extend taxpayer-supported benefits such as Medicare and Welfare to illegal immigrants.

A great donor list for any Illegal Immigration or Sovereignty mailing, these donors also overwhelmingly oppose the spread of Radical Islam as well as supporting other right-of-center conservative, patriotic organizations.

Source 100% Direct Mail
Sample Mailing piece required for approval
Date February 2022
Minimum 5,000
Net Name PolicyComputer Verification Required
25,000-99,00080% Min. +$10/M R/C
100,000-299,99965% Min. +$10/M R/C
300,000+50% Min. +$10/M R/C

Cancellation charges: $50.00 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges and E-mail Fee.

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