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10,000,000 Viguerie Superfile 10,000,000 2020 STAND WITH TRUMP CATHOLIC DONORS 125,257 2020 STAND WITH TRUMP CATHOLIC HOTLINE DONORS 100,005 2020 STAND WITH TRUMP CONSERVATIVE HOTLINE DONORS 237,356 21st Century Conservative Donors 580,314 60 PLUS ASSOCIATION SWEEPSTAKES DONORS 14,042 American Civil Rights Union 70,879 Americans For Christian Values in Government 36,445 Americans For Constitutional Liberty Sweepstakes 79,385 Americans to Stop Radical Islam 43,205 Americans United For Life – AMLC 42,787 Americas Patriots to Stop Radical Islam 296,306 ANN CHILDREN’S FUND SWEEPSTAKES DONORS 21,629 Black Tie Conservatives 44,943 Catholic Vote 133,367 Christian Seniors Association 51,371 Christians Protecting Religious Freedom 233,641 Citizens Against Illegal Immigration 237,380 Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes 247,070 Committee for Justice 9,017 Committees Defending America 18,335 120,000 Donors That Supported President Trump And His Conservative Agenda 387,349 FedUP PAC 100,000 FIDELIS CENTER FOR LAW AND POLICY 14,854 Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness Donors 16,016 Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness Sweepstakes Donors 83,235 High Dollar Republican Campaign Donors 634,208 Hotline GOP Campaign Donors 100,000 Jesse Helms Center Donors 29,391 Ken Cuccinelli for Governor Donors 14,235 Law Enforcement Action Network 69,624 Liberty Guard 78,409 Paws Of Honor Sweepstakes Donors 134,140 Priests for Life 19,666 Response Action Network 135,000 Right Wing Conservative Multi Donors 22,114 Save American Sovereignty Donors 237,380 Secure Freedom 36,037 Seniors Alliance Donors 26,374 Seniors Protecting America’s Values 227,148 Seniors United to Protect Social Security 152,305 Seniors who Support Patriotic Causes 277,045 Students for Life 50,969 Tax and Economic Freedom Donors 14,280 The Big Donor List 2,500,000 The Conservative Caucus 327,341 Trump Lovers Viguerie Superfile 685,859 United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association 307,357 United States Deputy Sheriff’s Sweepstakes Donors 206,667 Veterans in Defense of Liberty 32,339 Veterans In Defense of Liberty Sweepstakes Donors 86,781 Viguerie Best (Charitable) 649,288 Viguerie Best (Political) 517,020 Viguerie Best Consumers 125,661 Viguerie Best Evangelical Christian Donors 280,466 Viguerie Best Sweepstakes Donors 245,908 Viguerie Catholic Superfile 1,495,937 Viguerie Evangelical Superfile 1,401,080 Viguerie Fundraising Superfile 1,125,979 Viguerie Hotline Conservative Multis 339,369 Viguerie Powerhouse Conservative and GOP Donors 973,090 Viguerie Pro-Life Superfile 688,328 Viguerie Unbeatable Donors Masterfile 1,174,654 Viguerie’s Statewide Campaign Donor Superfile 4,131,553